Real Diamonds vs. Fake Diamonds

Real Diamonds vs. Fake Diamonds

Diamonds, those enchanting gems formed deep within the Earth, have captivated hearts for centuries. Yet, with their popularity and value, the market has seen the rise of alternatives like lab-grown diamonds, moissanites, cubic zirconia, and white sapphires. At, we recognize the significance of understanding the distinctions between real and imitation diamonds. In this blog, we embark on an insightful journey into the realm of diamonds, exploring their authenticity, value, and the various tests you can perform at home to distinguish between real and fake diamonds.

Real Diamonds Make Real Beauty:

Real diamonds, cherished for their rarity, are the epitome of elegance in jewelry, be it in white gold engagement rings or shining wedding bands. However, the abundance of diamond imitations in the market underscores the importance of sourcing jewelry from reputable and certified jewelers, such as those at

  1. How Can You Tell If a Diamond is Real at Home?

    The allure of conducting tests at home to determine diamond authenticity is understandable. At, we encourage informed decisions. Here are seven tests you can perform:

    • The Water Test: A simple test of density.
    • The Fog Test: Checking the diamond's ability to disperse heat.
    • The Scratch Test: Assessing hardness against glass.
    • The UV Light Test: Examining diamond fluorescence.
    • The Loupe Test: Identifying inclusions for authenticity.
    • The Heat Test: Subjecting the diamond to temperature changes.
    • The Flashlight Test: Observing the brilliance under light.
  2. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real with Water?

    A quick and straightforward test involving a glass of water can offer insights into the density of the stone.

    • Results: If it floats, it's likely fake; if it sinks, there's a high chance it's a real diamond.
  3. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real with Fog?

    An easy test involving your breath and the stone can reveal the diamond's ability to disperse heat.

    • Results: Quick fog clearance suggests a real diamond; a prolonged clearing time may indicate a fake.
  4. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real by Scratching It?

    Though outdated, the scratch test against glass was once a common method.

    • Results: No scratch implies a real diamond; however, this test is unreliable.
  5. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real with UV Light?

    Examining the diamond under UV light reveals fluorescence, a characteristic of real diamonds.

    • Results: Fluorescence varies, but absence doesn't confirm a fake diamond.
  6. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real with a Loupe?

    Inspecting inclusions through a loupe provides insights into authenticity.

    • Results: Real diamonds often have imperfections; fake diamonds may be flawless.
  7. How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Real with Heat?

    Subjecting the diamond to heat and cold water can reveal its ability to disperse heat.

    • Results: A real diamond remains intact; a fake diamond may shatter.
  8. How Do You Test if a Diamond is Real with a Flashlight?

    Brilliance under a flashlight is a sign of a real diamond.

    • Results: A real diamond will shine brilliantly; a fake may lack luster.

Post Main Image Understanding Diamond Alternatives:

  • Difference Between Diamonds and Moissanite:

    • Moissanite, with similar properties to diamonds, poses identification challenges. Inclusions can be a distinguishing factor.
  • Difference Between Diamonds and Lab Diamonds:

    • Natural diamonds and lab diamonds look identical. Inscriptions and matching certificate numbers can aid in differentiation.
  • Difference Between Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia:

    • Cubic zirconia, a diamond stimulant, lacks carbon elements. Differences in hardness and refractive index set it apart.
  • Difference Between Diamonds and White Sapphires:

    • White sapphires lack the sparkle of real diamonds. Clean-cut lines and a distinct lack of blur differentiate them.


In the world of diamonds, authenticity is paramount. While at-home tests offer insights, nothing beats the expertise of certified jewelers. At, we emphasize the importance of sourcing diamonds from reputable sources. The journey to acquiring the perfect diamond involves understanding the nuances, testing for authenticity, and seeking professional opinions. Let the brilliance of a genuine diamond from be your timeless statement of elegance. Explore our collection here.


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