Revealing the Brilliance: Care Instructions for Your Ethical Origin Jewelry from Jewelmore




At Jewelmore, we deeply appreciate the significance of your ethical origin jewelry, and we believe in providing the utmost care to maintain its timeless allure. Follow these care instructions to ensure your jewelry from Jewelmore remains as exquisite as the day you first adorned it.

Gold: Our 18K white gold jewelry boasts a radiant finish, thanks to rhodium plating. Over time and daily wear, this plating may wear off, revealing the natural tones beneath. Embrace the evolving beauty or opt for professional re-plating. For assistance with rhodium plating, contact Jewelmore.

Meteorite: Handle your meteorite jewelry with care. While a protective layer shields it from moisture, natural wear can diminish this layer. Keep it dry, store it in an air-tight container when not in use, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. Regular waxing or oiling helps prevent rusting, and our cleaning methods can revive its luster.

Tantalum: To clean tantalum jewelry, use a soft cloth dampened with warm, detergent-free water. Store it in a soft cloth bag or ring box when not wearing to protect it from daily exposure.

Forged Carbon and Titanium: Guard your Titanium pieces against abrasions. Clean them with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water, avoiding abrasive cleaners or steamers. Protect their unique finish by refraining from using ultrasonic machines.

Platinum: Platinum may develop small scratches with daily wear, offering a distinctive matte appearance. Embrace the unique luster or opt for professional repolishing for a reflective polish.

Silver: Sterling silver may tarnish due to humidity. Store it in an air-tight container and use a silver jewelry cleaning cloth for gentle cleaning. Avoid chlorine and bleach, as they accelerate tarnishing.

Vermeil: Remove vermeil jewelry before exposure to elements like water, sweat, or hard surfaces. Clean it by wiping with a soft, dry cloth, as Jewelmore currently does not offer repairs for vermeil jewelry.

Enamel: Protect enamel from high temperatures and strong chemicals. Minor scratches can be repolished to maintain its vibrant appearance.

Emeralds: Handle emeralds gently, avoiding exposure to soaps and activities that may stress the ring. Clean with room temperature water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush.

Other Gemstones: Regularly inspect your jewelry for secure settings, especially timeworn prongs. Professional inspections are recommended every six months.

Pavé Settings: Handle pavé settings delicately to prevent wear down. Regular inspections are essential, and the loss of gemstones can be replaced through Jewelmore's Extended Service Plan.

Insurance: Ensure comprehensive insurance coverage for your fine jewelry against theft, loss, and damage. Add jewelry to your homeowner's or rental insurance policy or consider standalone policies through providers like Lavalier.

Wearing Jewelry: Protect your jewelry from impacts, abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Remove jewelry during strenuous activities and avoid strong pressure on delicate metal rings.

Home & Professional Cleaning: For regular maintenance, professional cleanings are recommended, along with Jewelmore's gem & jewelry cleaner. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning at home, especially for pearl and emerald jewelry, which require specialized care.

Your ethical origin jewelry from Jewelmore is a testament to timeless beauty—by following these care instructions, you'll ensure it continues to shine for years to come.