JewelMORE.com was founded in Heart of the world diamond district New York City. Shopping for any diamond jewelry shouldn’t be a mystery or hidden from the consumer. We are working very hard to make this process very easy and simple for end user give them the tool they need with educate our consumer and ultimately that will help them make a make a purchase they will cherish for a generation and generation.

We are second generation diamond cutter. Our family is in diamond industry for over five decade. Our passion and commitment to provide better value, quality and service to our customers inspired us to launch this site. Our name, our reputation and our loyal customer in wholesale and major retail world for our two decade in USA.Diamond is a gift from mother earth that epitome of expressing love, and we strongly believe in that.

We have 14 year experience eCommerce.

All diamond sold by JewelMORE.com are conflict free diamond. Our rough diamonds are purchased only from authorized sources which are certified by the Kimberly Process and because we buy our rough diamonds directly from the source, we are able to offer low prices along with highest quality. 

All diamonds are cut and polished by our state of an art cutting factory by our master cutters.

Most of our Diamond Jewelry come with certification from leading gemological laboratory.

All our Jewelry proudly Made in Manhattan. As we believe in building local jobs and help the economy.

Our team of expert include most experience and knowledgeable people with more than 15 year of knowledge in the diamond and jewelry industry with in-house GIA graduated gemologist.

  • The craftsmanship on all jewelry is superior, with perfectly matched stones and meticulous stone-setting distinguishing JewelMORE designs from its competitors. 100% of the jewelry is manufactured in Manhattan NYC, mostly by JewelMORE in-house production team,  The company's stud earrings program is its sales leader.
  • JewelMORE classic diamond jewelry,engagement rings and bridal sets stand out for superb styling, top quality and highly competitive pricing.
  • Classic: Diamond stud and hoop earrings, solitaire rings and pendants, three-stone rings, anniversary and eternity bands and line bracelets.
  • Bridal: Diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and semi-mount.