Explore Dazzling Diamond Shapes at Jewelmore.com




At Jewelmore.com, diamonds come in a myriad of shapes, each boasting unique characteristics and allure. When embarking on your diamond shopping journey, the shape takes center stage as one of the most noticeable and crucial factors to consider. Discover our curated selection of popular diamond shapes, including both natural and lab-grown diamonds:

  1. Round Brilliant:

    • Characteristics: Most popular and classic, celebrated for exceptional brilliance and sparkle.
    • Appeal: Timeless choice, especially for engagement rings.
    • Facets: 58 facets with a circular outline.
  2. Princess Cut:

    • Characteristics: Square or rectangular with pointed corners, known for sharp angles and modern, clean lines.
    • Appeal: Offers a unique, contemporary look, appearing smaller than a round diamond of the same carat weight.
    • Facets: Varied, emphasizing brilliance.
  3. Emerald Cut:

    • Characteristics: Rectangular shape with cut corners, step-cut facets creating a hall-of-mirrors effect.
    • Appeal: Elegant and sophisticated, emphasizing clarity over brilliance.
    • Facets: Step-cut facets.
  4. Asscher Cut:

    • Characteristics: Square with cut corners, vintage and art deco feel.
    • Appeal: Similar to emerald cut but with a more squared appearance.
    • Facets: Step-cut facets.
  5. Radiant Cut:

    • Characteristics: Square or rectangular with trimmed corners, combining elegance with brilliance.
    • Appeal: Versatile and sparkling choice.
    • Facets: Brilliant-cut facets.
  6. Oval Cut:

    • Characteristics: Elongated, elliptical shape offering brilliance similar to round diamonds.
    • Appeal: Unique twist with the illusion of longer and more slender fingers.
    • Facets: Varied, similar to round diamonds.
  7. Marquise Cut:

    • Characteristics: Football-shaped outline with pointed ends, creating an elongated and elegant look.
    • Appeal: Maximizes carat weight, appearing larger.
    • Facets: Varied.
  8. Pear Cut:

    • Characteristics: Rounded and pointed ends, combining elements of round and marquise shapes.
    • Appeal: Distinctive and romantic appearance.
    • Facets: Varied.
  9. Heart Cut:

    • Characteristics: Symbolic heart shape, a popular choice for romantic jewelry.
    • Appeal: Represents love and romance.
    • Facets: Varied.
  10. Cushion Cut:

    • Characteristics: Square or rectangular with rounded corners, offering a soft and romantic appearance.
    • Appeal: Often with larger facets, providing a vintage or antique feel.
    • Facets: Varied.
  11. Baguette Cut:

    • Characteristics: Typically small and rectangular with step-cut facets.
    • Appeal: Commonly used as side stones to complement larger center stones.
    • Facets: Step-cut.
  12. Trillion Cut:

    • Characteristics: Triangular shape with pointed corners.
    • Appeal: Less common but offers a unique and modern appearance.
    • Facets: Varied.

When selecting a diamond shape, consider your personal preferences, style, and the setting in which the diamond will be placed. Each shape at Jewelmore.com has its own charm, capable of evoking different emotions, so choose the one that resonates with you the most. Additionally, pay attention to the 4 Cs of diamonds: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, as these factors significantly impact a diamond's overall appearance and value.