1/4 Carat - 6 Carat | 14K White Gold | Certified Lab Grown Bezel Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings | Round Shape Bezel Setting Revival Diamonds Earrings | 1ct up IGI Certified

Size: 0.25 carats
Color: White-Gold
Sale price$ 249.49


  • 14K Gold, From 1/4 carats - 6 Carat Lab Grown Bezel Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond color - F-G, Diamond Clarity - VS1-VS2, Earring Type - Bezel Solitaire Stud Earrings , Primary Stone Shape - round-brilliant-shape , Authenticated with a 14K Stamp
  • BEZEL- CUT STUD DIAMOND EARRING - The solitaire bezel cut earring is selected by hand, presenting the finest selection of Friendly Diamond earrings that shine with pure white brilliance. Women who love an elegant look will shine with this earring. The simplicity of this earring is the comfort of the setting. Our Diamond earring in 14KT.
  • FROM THE HEART OF PURITY- Laboratory diamonds are real diamonds. They consist of both physically and chemically the same structure as pure diamonds. Diamonds generated in our laboratory are manufactured responsibly. We pick each distinctive diamond by hand, making each unique. For many reasons, our laboratory cultivated solitaire diamonds are called Friendly Diamonds, ranging from brilliant dazzle to forever radiance.
  • CARING FOR YOUR DIAMOND EARRINGS - Our Solitaire earring is ideal for an exceptional ceremony. This excellent circle, simple precious stone flatters elegance and grace, carrying enchantment to any look. To care for your diamond earrings, apply cream, beautifying agents, hairspray and fragrance before dressing. Expel any synthetic concoctions and dampness from the precious stones with a clean delicate fabric. Store your precious stones in a texturized lined box to avoid scratches
  • TRULY GENUINE & RADIANT - Diamonds developed in the research facility are genuine diamonds. They comprise of a similar synthesis as common precious stones, both physically and artificially. Solitaires made in our research facility are ethically sourced. By hand, we select each particular precious stone, making each one rare. Our precious stones are certified, tested, and responsibly sourced from the mines that study strict labor and trade laws.

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